Cat scratching post with Scratching post and ball


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The cat really needs a scratching post to get rid of its dead claws in order to make room for new, beautiful retractable claws that are sharper and more efficient.

Scratching is vital for the cat. It is a natural need, a means of marking its territory with its scent thanks to glands located under its legs.

The scratching post is a relaxation area. To scratch in front of the scratching column, the cat lies down full length and stretches its spine. For rest, the column has a platform covered with very soft plush and a play rope.

Scratching Post Cat Scratcher
Protection of furniture and carpets against scratches from your cat
Allows your cat to scratch while having fun
Recommended for kittens
Easy to install anywhere
Very high quality sisal scratching post
Hanging game rope
Sisal is a natural fiber that helps your cat take care of its claws
Colors according to arrival


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