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Are you looking for a plush that your dog won’t destroy in a few hours? soft toys are known for their great resistance whatever the size and the strength of the jaw.

The toy is made of ultra-strong reinforced cotton that withstands the dog’s many assaults for long hours of chewing.

In addition, the toy features:

A rope handle for the force/pull game.
A whistle stimulating the dog to bite.
A fabric that crackles for maximum distraction.
For comforting cuddles and hours of playtime, the  Frog Plush Dog Toy prevents boredom and destruction.

Frog Plush Dog Toy
Made of strong cotton
Soft plush
Whistle and rustling fabric
Reinforced plush for longer play
Help with dental hygiene
Effective against boredom
Avoid destruction
Reduces the risk of stress related to loneliness
Site enrichment
Long service life
Promotes your pet’s well-being
Blue color


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