Valencia cat tree


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For the well-being of your cat, it is inevitable to install a cat tree in your house. A place for games and relaxation, the cat tree allows your cat to express natural behaviors such as scratching and climbing without risking damaging your furniture.

The accessory also ensures a spacious and comfortable resting and viewing area, essential for stress regulation.

Due to its great strength, the Valencia cat tree from the German brand  is particularly recommended for kittens and young cats.

Valencia cat tree
Design offers multiple activity zones for ideal space saving
Usable for multiple cats
Perfect for kittens and young cats
2 natural sisal poles
2 platforms at different levels encouraging jumping and training the use of the suspended ball
Wired suspension toy for fun
Soft plush material cover (fleece fiber)
Perfect stability thanks to a wide base
Area for observation with two apertures
Color of the cat tree: BEIGE


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