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For Small/Medium Sized Birds: Measuring 45.5cm L x 45.5cm W x 85.5cm H, the cage portion provides ample living and activity space for small and medium birds size, such as lovebirds, parakeets, cockatiels,  etc.

Playground at the top: On the roof of the cage, we add a recreation area with a ladder, a perch and two feeders. It’s a cozy place for your feathered friends to stand and stretch their wings.

Secured by locks: The button lock on the door will keep your smart ones safe. An easy to use lock for pet parents. The small accesses on the feed doors allow the convenience of filling feeds.

Free mobility: This metal cage rests on four 360-degree swivel casters that promote free and smooth movement. You can roll this cage in all directions without much effort.

Effortless cleaning: The sliding tray and the grid at the bottom can be removed for daily cleaning. The mesh grid prevents birds from stepping directly into their droppings. This is good for the cleanliness and hygiene of the cage.



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