Bird play area


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Item Type: Parrot
Material: pine, stainless steel, corn husk
Size: approx. 23x36x41cm/9.1×14.2×16.1in
Standing Pole Height: Approx. 22cm/8.7in
Pole: approx. 21cm/8.3in
Purpose: parrot game stand.

List of packages:
1 x ladder 1 x swivel corn husk skewer crossbar
1 screwdriver
1 x short pole
1 x long pole
1 x base frame
2 x feeding cup
1 clamp
2 x small screw
2 thumbscrews
3 x long screw
2 hex screws
1 stainless steel plate.
1 x Crossbar Swing

Please allow some errors due to manual measurement.


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