Elephant Puppy Toy


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The plush toy is the perfect accessory to keep your pup entertained for hours!

Generously padded, the  bunny is a soft plush with crackling fabric.

In addition, it has a squeaky effect on all parts of the body which will excite and satisfy your young dog encouraging long-lasting chewing.

The robust fabric avoids the rapid destruction of the toy.

Essential to avoid destruction during teething, the KONG Elephant Toy meets all the needs of the puppy!

KONG Elephant Puppy Toy BLUE
Natural material without risk of intoxication or allergy
Recommended for teething
Avoid destruction of furniture
Soft plush
Effective against boredom
Reduces the risk of stress related to loneliness
Site enrichment
Long service life
Promotes your pet’s well-being
Enables interactive play
Blue color


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